Marble Mo Creations handmade Marble art from Marble Colorado.

Marble Mo Creations captures the freedom of the stone in each of her creations. Born in Marble Colorado, Monique Villalobos follows her family as a second generation artist. She collects, cuts, polishes and wire wraps each stone by hand. The Colorado stone is known for its pure white marble. In rare occasions the vein produces a green Serpentine Marble, known as a geological anomaly. Several minerals compose the green Marble, manganese usually purple, Chromium, micha, copper, often called Serpentine Marble. Marble, Colorado is a hidden paradise in the mountains. Both a historic and patriotic stone, creating the Lincoln Memorial Building and the Tomb Of Unknown Soldier monuments in Washington DC as well as Arlington Cemetery. Now known as Colorado Stone Quarries, it is the premier Marble in the world. Marble Mo creates unique feature jewelry pieces and one of a kind Marble Art works, in her art studio at home. 
Each stone is a tribute to the freedoms we have, wearing marble brings awareness, common sense and it is a message magnifier.<br />

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