Marble Mo Creations handmade Marble art from Marble Colorado.


The Colorado Marble is known as the purest white marble in the world. I was born and raised in Marble, CO. My family owns The Marble Gallery and I spent my life learning from Artists. My mom is a painter and my dad he well does everything from building homes to sculpture and invention. When I was growing up, Dad worked in the Quarry starting out as a construction crew member working his way up to Production Manager. I spent my childhood giving tours inside the Marble Quarry watching dad run equipment and cut rocks from the mountain. I learned the history as a child learning all I could about this home of mine. I helped put the Marble Museum together and cultivated my imagination watching my family grow an art business. I taught myself how to be a lapidary artist and work stones for jewelry. I followed in my family footsteps of creating art.

Colorado Stone Quarry (Colorado Yule Marble), is Home of the National Monuments, The Tomb of Unknown Soldier and the Lincoln Memorial building, representing the sacrifices made by those who come before us. Marble, town freatures a major historical site, where the building and Monuments were created and designed. Marble walls and pillars line the trails reminding us Colorado Marble is a patriotic symbol to our country and historically reminds us of the strength and fortitude we have forged our country on. Making jewelry and sculpture out of this stone brings me closer to the loved ones I never met and the ones who have returned broken.